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  • Migration of the entire infrastructure to Cloud Native

    The Customer has been developing his IT services for years, which consists of several applications in different languages (PHP, Java, Python and other) running on several older servers.

    The Customer wants to modernize his IT infrastructure and migrate to AWS.


    After a thorough analysis of Customer infrastructure, codebase and deploying processes, we made:

    We built a Kubernetes cluster with 128GB of memory and 1,600 pods, which made it necessary to build a specific CNI plugin. We have also set up many other AWS services, mostly using Terraform.

    Finally, we made the entire migration.


    The Customer has:

    Open-source contribution

    We are creating many cloud native software services for multiple customers. Since we didn’t want to write many similar CI/CD configurations and weren’t satisfied with Gitlab’s Auto DevOps, we created and open-sourced the LightDevOps project, which are universal GitLab CI/CD pipelines configured using GitLab variables which are suitable for most common applications.